Bill To Legalize Online Gaming by Mississippi Rep

Published: Aug. 23, 2013

If after you do not succeed, try, try again. This is what Representative Bobby Moak, a representative for the Mississipi State’s motivational quote as he continues to push towards legalizing intrastate online gambling. Moak, a Democrat representing the district of Bogue Chitto is ready to try to legalize said form of casino gaming again. His proposal failed three times but he is not set to give up anytime soon.

According to Moak, online gambling would become very monumental in the State’s economy as it would boost tax revenue. Moak plans to propose a bill that will legalize, license and tax online casino gaming in Mississippi. He proposes a five percent tax imposition on all online casino operators, which shall be imposed on online casinos’ gross revenue. Moak also proposes to include in the bill that only online casinos with licensed land casinos in Mississippi shall be allowed to operate and offer their online casino gaming services in the State of Mississippi.

“Online gaming is going on right now. It is happening. We need to look into that”, he said. He said that the emergence of online casinos have made land casinos less appealing to gamblers and have left a scar on revenue from these land casinos.

Moak believes that the downward spiral that land casinos are experiencing is due to the influx of online casinos that are, compared to land casinos, more convenient, more accessible and less expensive than land casinos. Meek further thinks that it would be just fair for the State of Mississippi to have a share at what online casino operators’ profits. “The competition is becoming a big drain and it is hurting the gaming industry”, says Moak.

This proposal by Moak may be beneficial to the State once approved but it will be a hard blow to online casino owners if they are compelled by the State to pay taxes in order to operate. Online Casino operators who are in no way connected to a land casino find the proposal a bit unfair as this bill, when approved, will put them and their business off the market.