Casino Luck Review

Since 1999, the Casino Luck online casino has been a favorite online gaming site among countless enthusiasts around the globe. Now at its re-launch, the site aims to provide bigger bonuses and a wider games selection than ever before. With its new software platform, the site allows you to play multiple games featuring 50 slot machines for the casino alone. It is so technologically advanced; it is very easy to use. It even has language capabilities that allow anyone in the world to participate in the games.

The site has been synonymous to providing top entertainment for online casino enthusiasts but now, patrons can experience the usual brand of casino games with the addition of more types of slots for your gaming pleasure. Casino Luck is now one of the most popular and trusted online casino sites today and here is why.

The New Design

The Casino Luck online casino's design is very user friendly. The simple navigation lets you choose the game you like with ease. On the left corner, you will see categories for games such as roulette, black jack, online casino, progressive slots, and a lot more. Click on the category, to proceed to a page where there is a veritable line up of exciting games to choose from. The uncomplicated navigation throughout the website is a joy to use.

The color scheme of the site is very easy on the eyes. The choice of colors is science, which enables you to play for hours reducing eye strain. The refreshing combination of black and soft shade of green has a welcoming sensation.

Not only that the site has a welcoming ocular sense, it also literally welcomes all players from around the world. Whether you are from The Philippines, Sweden, England, Russia, or Spain, there are language options you can choose to work your way in. This site is one of a kind, and you are in for a bigger surprise.

Bigger, Better Bonuses

When you register, you are entitled to an instant bonus of up to 150 Euros or Dollars when you make the first deposit. The bonus replenishes every month, of which 50% from the first sign up bonus. The bonus allows you to play more games, especially in the progressive slot, and to increase your chances of winning a jackpot. The instructions are simple and very easy to follow.

You play to win, but how do you collect your prize? There are plenty of payment systems to withdraw your winnings. The payment system you use for depositing is also applicable for money withdrawal. You can use Visa Electron, Paypal, Moneybookers, Neteller, Mastercard, and a lot more.

For more information, see payment method menu located on the upper left corner of the Promotions page. If you have inquiries, a team of dedicated customer service representatives can help you find answers and help you with any of your concerns.

The Verdict

The Casino Luck Online casino is a trusted site for many years. The re-launch is a staunch proof that the demand for honest site is still much desired. The addition of many games selection allows you to choose a game just right for you. Beginners, as well as experts, are welcome to join in the community. Best of Luck!