How Payout Percentages Work

Many online casino players commonly misunderstand how payout percentages really work. A majority of online casinos advertise that their payout percentage is anywhere between 95% to 99%; the one with the higher percentage will give more rewards. If a particular online casino has a 97% payout percentage, this simply means that the casino will payout $97 out of $100 wagered. The player should understand that the said amount will not be immediately paid and certainly not all at once, rather, it will be paid over a certain period.

There are also individual games that offer payout percentages. If you are looking for the best payout returns on the slots, you should take a little bit of time to find the slots game that offers the highest payout percentage. Take note that this does not guarantee that you will win, but it means that the odds are in your favor.

There are different payout percentages for specific games. For instance, there are Keno bets that have payout rates of 60%. There are bets in European or French roulette, however, that have payout percentages of 98%. Some payout rates are variable, especially for scratch cards and slots, and they can be set to values that are specific. These values are changed to adjust the chances of winning different prices.

Online casino operators are very serious about payout percentages and they are aware that the players are also keen about comparing this particular information. As such, most online casinos employ auditing companies that will test every game carried by the online casino to ensure fairness and to verify payout percentages. As a registered player, you can request for the last performed audit to make sure that the online casino is providing correct information to their players.

If you are really interested to examine the payout percentages, you should request for the percentage proof. There are players who are not aware of this online gambling aspect and do not check this information. Payout percentages, however, directly impact players and is very useful when it comes to choosing the best online casino and their games.

By checking payout percentages, players will also have a clearer view about the chances that they have at winning and they can better make informed decisions on which games are better played. Every game has a different payout percentage, so the player should not assume that all table games or slot games offer the same odds.