Online Progressive Slots

Online progressive slots are games that offer a jackpot that continuously increases as online casino players pay for every game played. The term “progressive” refers to the ever-growing total prize, which is typically displayed on the screen of your game. Like the progressive jackpots you see on brick-and-mortar casinos, online progressive slots are linked within a network of games, usually across other slots games or titles on the same casino, or sometimes all across the online casino network.

Like traditional casino progressive games, the jackpot for online progressive slots continues to grow until an online player spins the required symbol combination. Take note that specific bonuses or symbols that reward the progressive jackpot depends on the game.

The online progressive jackpot amount grows by taking a small percentage from all the bets placed by players in the network. Once the jackpot is won, the amount goes back to the specific default amount which varies depending on the network.

Online casinos assemble progressive jackpots pretty much the same was as land-based casinos. If you are wondering whether the jackpot reward system is fair, it absolutely is. Online casinos require specific symbol combinations for the jackpot to be hit, but the combination is still dependent on the system’s RNG or random number generator. So when you play online video slots or any online casino games, there is always a possibility that you will win the jackpot.

Most online players who are attracted to online progressive slots are gamblers who like higher risks. This is primarily because progressives are paid out to gamblers who play the maximum wager. Other factors considered are number of pay lines activated and credit size to be eligible for the highest progressive amount, which means you may have to spend $10 to $20 per slots spin.

Although the odds are long, and the possibility is comparative to winning a state lottery, many people still go for online progressive slots because the winnings are tremendous and the payouts are so much higher than when you play on a non-progressive game.