Online Video Poker

Online video poker became an online casino mainstay after the popularity of club poker increased all over the world. Online video poker is like your 2 favorite games rolled into one: poker and slots. The machine or software uses an RNG or a random number generator to roll out combinations per spin. This ensures fairness in every game. Most online casinos carry different varieties of online video poker, so there is surely a game that will suit your tastes.

How to Play

Once you register at an online casino, you will have access to the casino lobby where you can choose the online video poker that you want to play. You can test the waters with the free play option, if there is one, but if you want to start winning real money right away, go ahead and make your first deposit. Make sure that you take advantage of the online casino's welcome bonus offer or the first deposit bonus offer. You can check the Online Grand Casino Top 5 Casinos List to find out the best casinos that offer high bonuses for online video poker.

Once you have funds for the game, you can now select your bet amount by pressing the corresponding button. A single online video poker hand starts when you choose your wager amount after which you hit the "Deal" button. Make sure to check the payout chart first before starting the game, so that you will know the basis of your winnings.

You will be dealt five cards coming from a 52-cards deck. There are game variants that include Jokers in the game, but for this guide, we are playing Jacks or Better. When you get the 5 card hand deal, you will be asked to decide on whether to hold specific cards or exchange the hand with a new one. It is advised that you hold cards that can make 4 to a flush, a pair of Jacks, or whatever straight combination given at the onset.

Once you selected the cards to hold or let go, the draw will occur and you will be dealt with replacement cards for the ones you chose to exchange. The payout for each dealt hand will be according to the game's payout chart. Take note that different variants of online video poker have different payouts for combinations such as flush, two pair and full house.

Payout Example

Online video poker hands have the same value as the normal table poker game. The goal is to make the best combination with your 5 cards. The payouts are closely linked to the strength of your hand and you will get bigger payouts for stronger hands. You will get the highest payout if you get a Royal Flush which is typically 250 credits for 1 bet.