The Top 4 OnlineCasino Software Developers

Published: Aug. 6, 2013

What makes a great online casino game? A lot of factors come into making a good online casino but it all boils down to the software providers and developers. Without them, there wouldn’t even be an online casino game to begin with! So who are these providers and developers that we have to thank for our casino games? There are quite the number of these software developers and it would take too long to introduce and explain them all. To keep things short and sweet, four of the best providers will be introduced in this article.

One of the software providers is Microgaming. It is one of the most recognized providers of online casino games platforms and continues to be for the past years. They offer a huge range of casino, poker and slot games to various casinos and their games are continually being enjoyed by players around the world. With the release of their Viper platform, they have become one of the most popular software providers in existence.

Next up is Playtech, another software provider that also dishes our top quality casino games. They have been around since 1999 and are responsible for some of the most played online casino games. Just like Microgaming, they have a wide variety of games from slot machines, card and table games as well as live dealer games.

Another provider that has received acclaim for the speed of its games is RealTime Gaming, established in the near end of the 90’s. They are known for the speed and reliability of their games as well as its ease of use. RealTime Gaming is better known for their impressive collection of slot games that offer generous payouts and bonus features. It is even known that one of their games, “Blackjack” allows players to play almost 1000 hands per hour. Truly, it’s ahead of its rivals.

Last on the list is the provider Cryptologic, established in 1996. They first started out as a software developer specializing in encryption technologies but switched to the online gaming sector when they recognized the potential of the industry. They are known as the forefathers of the online gaming industry and are a source of trusted, reliable and reputable games. They are also the pioneers of the 3D online casino gaming and the live casino chat. There are many more providers that are young, fresh and teeming with potential but they first have to prove their mettle against these software giants whom are trusted among casinos for their stable and reliable software.